Old school Pinoy print ads. Scanned and served with nostalgia.

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Biyernes, Hunyo 29, 2012

Before Tina Revilla Hosted PCSO's Lotto Draw...

thisisoldschooladvertising_alpine full cream milk

...she was the endorser for Alpine! (Along with her son, actually.)

And long before ALPINE Full Cream Evaporated Milk went into the conscious realm of Filipino minds through Tina Revilla ads, 80s and 90s children have already been singing this all-too-familiar song:

Sa bundok, mayroong dalawang pasas
Sa pasas, mayroong dalawang butas
Sa butas, mayroong lumalabas
Ano 'yon?!
Instant Alpine, puking malaki
Dalawa susoooooooooooo

That didn't come from me okay? But I used to chant it with my fellow kababatas back then, and it always earned me a slap in the butt from my Mom. :-D

Huwebes, Hunyo 28, 2012

Si Anna Larrucea at ang Ques-O

Your task: bilugan ang mukha ng batang Anna Larrucea.

Just kidding.

I'll let my (random) readers in on my little grade school secret: I had a big crush on Anna Larrucea, which was heightened to unusual puppy-love levels when she starred in the 90s kid flick Batang X (with John Prats, Janus del Prado and two other kids whose names escape me). I was such a stupid fan that I ended up buying Batang X comic books. Hahaha.

I think she was supposed to star in an indie flick about robots but was replaced by another actress for some reasons. I have no idea what happened to that movie. Anyway, here you go with the Ques-O print ad, featuring a young Anna. Also, it just occurred to me that the guy with the Mexican hat is still a functioning icon for the product. I should know--I'm eating slices of Ques-O right now. :D

Ad copy:

Sa amin, No.1 ito!

Ques-O Pasteurized Process Cheese Food

Another Quality Product of
New Zealand Creamery, Inc.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 27, 2012

Ocean's Best Tuna

Once upon a time, may dalawang *trivial* happenings sa buhay ko as a kid during the 90s...

1.) Nagkaroon ng tuna label na Ocean's Best, which tasted good, I think. And Ocean's Best was supposedly dolphin-friendly.
2.) I went through a stage where I would vandalize everything I could put my hands (and pens) on. Glaring example is this photo below. Sorry! So there, the captain looks all blinged out.

Nice! Acrostic ad copy! How 90s is that?

Ad Copy:

Ocean's Best
Spells out the big difference in tuna...

O - Outstanding for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

C - Champion sa barkada.
E - Excellent for the figure.
A - A-1 for merienda.
N - Number 1 for parties.
S - Sarap!

(Logo) We Care /  Dolphin Safe
(Product Shot) Ocean's Best
Ocean's Best for your family.

"Phyte" The Big C!

 This guy was the face of Del Monte's line of pineapple products back in the 90s. I just forgot the name of this character actor (hindi ba kasama siya sa series na Anna Karenina?). Anyway, looking at him, don na don ang itsura niya, so it all kind of adds up...you know, pineapples grown in farms, hacienderos, the woven hat to shield hacienderos from the harsh sunlight, the shirt with stripes in arresting tropical colours, the tan skin. Boom.

And yeah, Del Monte used the "phyte" word, referencing phytochemicals and how it fights cancer. Yup, wordplay. I think that was iconic, in its own little way.

Also, I love pineapple juice (Del Monte man o Dole), but I am beginning to think this love for this citrus juice is what triggered acid reflux in me, which kind of opened a disappointing pandora's box of foods that are absolutely no-nos until I get this acid reflux out of my system. Shet.

Ad copy:


The good news from science is that there is a natural way to fight CANCER -- phytochemicals! These amazing substances work against the "Big C" by preventing the formation of harmful elements in the body during digestion! We can get these fantastic phytochemicals by taking fruits and 100% natural juices (they can't be added to powdered drinks).

The good news from Del Monte is you can conveniently get your phytochemicals by eating Del Monte pineapple or drinking Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice.

So "Phyte" the "Big C" the natural way with your friend, Del Monte!

Martes, Mayo 15, 2012

The Shape Of Things To Come

Guys--if you know what Wacoal is, then mahusay kayong boyfriend/asawa/manliligaw/kuya/pinsan/atbp. Kayo na! :)

Ad Copy:

The Shape Of Things To Come

Through continuous research, Wacoal knows exactly what every woman needs--to shape-up without slip-ups.

That's why each Wacoal product is meticulously designed to flatter each shape and curve. Making sure that only the finest quality materials are used, quality-tested for durability and comfort that lasts.

From bras, panties, support wear to swim wear...

No one knows your body better than Wacoal.

Wacoal (logo)
Born and made in Japan,  under the strict quality standards of Wacoal Corp.

Sabado, Agosto 27, 2011

Aspen Cologne

Raise your hands up if you're one to have loved this scent. I know I did.

And as you know, SM Department Store has got it all for you.

Lunes, Agosto 22, 2011

The Special Seasoning For Everything

...says Knorr Seasoning, circa 90s. I honestly think their old packaging was better.

Where does one use Knorr Seasoning? As said in the title, "for everything"--save for desserts, of course. I even use this to flavour my bland rice porridge during those sick days when my taste buds are failing my brain.

Ad copy:

Do your cooking a lot of flavor.
Do your eating a lot of flavor.
The Special Seasoning For Everything
A few drops add a lot of excitement to any dish...everyone will ask for more!
[Proudly Philippine Made insignia]